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  • Why Glowing Eyes Media?
    Glowing Eyes Media was previously known, from 2003-2021, as Trinity Comics. We changed our name for two main reasons. Firstly, as we are now focusing more on the prose books and merchandising side of the business, we felt calling ourselves Trinity Comics (so named as there were three initial founders--Frank Dirscherl [myself[, John Jett and Craig Shepard) to be a little redundant and outright confusing. Secondly, when we founded the company in 2003, I made sure that we were the only one's calling ourselves Trinity Comics. I ensured proper due diligence was maintained. Sadly, others failed to do likewise, and there have since been a veritable outcropping of other companies/entities calling themselves Trinity Comics. Warnings were issued but not adhered to. As I do not have the capital to pursue such matters through legal proceedings, and taking the first point into consideration, it just made sense to change identities and move forward with a new, more encompassing name. Thus, in mid-2021, Glowing Eyes Media was born. Named after the Eyes of Judgment on our lead character The Wraith's chest, and with a super-cool logo to boot. The sky is now the limit!
  • Where did you get the idea for The Wraith?
    The Wraith is my way of combining the worlds of the pulp novel with that of the kinds of comic books that I grew up reading in the 1970s and 80s. As a fan of the stories of that era, I thought it would be fun to try and combine those two genres into one, cohesive whole. The Wraith Dread Avenger of the Underworld is the result of that initial idea. Modern adventure pulp with a twist!
  • Are there more books in the series on the way?
    Yes indeed. There are currently eight (8) books in THE WRAITH DREAD AVENGER OF THE UNDERWORLD series, with more on the way. I'm currently working on two (2) of them, the next in the series entitled KINGDOM and a spin-off, LADY WRAITH. There are no dates of release as yet, as both Covid and my baby daughter have somewhat curtailed my writing efforts, but I'll try to get them out as soon as I can. There will be further books in the series beyond those, and will be written/released as I can.
  • Can I buy your books/comics/merchandise directly from you?
    Yes! In fact, I would prefer if you did. I ship worldwide, and direct from me is the only way you can purchase our myriad of comic books and merchandise items (eg. The Wraith comic books, maquette, action figures etc.) All Glowing Eyes Media prose books can also be purchased via third-party websites, such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble etc., but also direct from me. The only way to buy signed copies is direct from me (either from the website or in person at the various shows I regularly attend). To purchase direct from me, please head on over to the Glowing Eyes Media Direct Store now! We accept payment by card or via Paypal and WE SHIP WORLDWIDE!!
  • Will there ever be a live-action The Wraith movie?
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