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Starflame was created by Frank Dirscherl in 2011 as his answer to Superman (The Wraith is his Batman, Starflame is his Superman, so to speak), and is intended as a starring character in a series of novels, as well as the team-up novel Global Protectors, not-to-mention future related merchandising endeavours. The sky is the limit for this character, and for Glowing Eyes Media!

Name: Dan Handers.
Age: 25.
Height: 6'4".

Appearance: Tall, broad, short brown hair, hazel eyes.
Occupation: Supermarket stacker/checkout operator.
History: Dan Handers' life was a mess. Trapped in a dead-end job, rejected by the girl he loves, he decided to travel home to Vermont one day to try and sort his life out. It was then, there, that he saw the shooting star...and his life was changed forever.
Abilities: Starflame has incredible strength, a strength that has not fully been calculated as yet. He can lift cars with ease. He is invulnerable to all pain and injury. If he does have any weaknesses in this area, they have yet to be determined. He can fly but, again, his limits in this area, if he has any, have yet to be determined. He has thus far broken the sound barrier with ease. He can emit flame through his eyes in a similar fashion to a flame thrower weapon.

He is not trained in any sort of combat, be it hand-to-hand or otherwise, but he is under the tutelage of The Wraith, and will be learning the ropes shortly. He is intelligent and idealistic, wanting to use his powers for good, for the betterment of humanity.

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