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Global Protectors

Global Protectors--the new superhero group comprising of members The Wraith, Lady Wraith, Blue Blade, the Siren and Starflame--was created by Frank Dirscherl in 2018 as his answer to the Justice League and the Avengers. Their formation is first hinted at in The Wraith novel, VENDETTA, and will follow on in a novel of their very own soon(ish).


To combat the oncoming threat of galactic conquerer Trigoth, the Lady in the Lake gathers a team of heroes to sally forth and fight as one to save the Earth.


- The Wraith (Paul Sanderson) LEADER.

- Lady Wraith (Leena Patterson).

- Starflame (Dan Handers).

- Blue Blade (Arthur Warren).

- Siren (?)

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